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English holiday cottages in Stroud and Tetbury, Gloucestershire

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Stroud and Tetbury

Stroud sits on the western edge of the Cotswold Hills in Gloucestershire. It's the meeting point of five rivers and streams which continue on to the River Severn. Stay in a holiday cottage in Stroud and you'll be in a good position to reach the Forest of Dean and rural parts of Gloucestershire. Potter around Stroud and you'll discover a history of industrial, spiritual and artistic activity. If you're staying in a self-catering cottage in or near Stroud then come along to the award-winning farmers market to pick up your groceries. Tetbury, in the southern part of Gloucestershire, is a pleasant town with plenty of shops, and will be of particular interest if you're an antiques enthusiast. You'll be in royal company if you choose a cottage near here - Prince Charles lives nearby. Just a few miles from Tetbury is Westontbirt Aboretum, a spectacular celebration of trees. Here you can enjoy a memorable day out amongst over 18,000 trees and shrubs, amongst them some of the oldest and rarest in the country. If you're bringing your dog along on holiday then look for a 'pets welcome' cottage in the Cotswolds and bring your furry friend for a walk at Westonbirt. The arboretum is particularly stunning in autumn and holds regular special events including concerts, sculpture exhibitions and fireworks displays.

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