Terms and conditions

When you advertise your property directly on whichcottage.co.uk

whichcottage.co.uk is an advertising site where you can advertise your English self-catering holiday accommodation for an annual charge. We, the Publisher (Which Cottage Group and which-cottage.com), agree to display your entry on the site whichcottage.co.uk for the prearranged period.

When you advertise directly with whichcottage.co.uk, The Publisher will not take a commission fee from any bookings you receive through the site. Which Cottage is an advertising medium and not an agency. Any enquiries about your entry will go to you direct via email. Any transaction is between you and the enquirer - the Publisher accepts no responsibility and is not liable for any issues that arise concerning reservation, payment or subsequent stay in the property.

The Publisher accepts no responsibility for any action or cancellation on the part of the advertisers or tenants of the property. The Publisher is not liable for any accident, loss, damage, hurt, expense or inconvenience suffered by person or by property that may originate from the tenancy of the accommodation. As the advertiser, you, take full responsiblility for the reservation and events thereafter.

The Publisher trusts you to supply an authentic and honest description of the property and the surrounding area. You are provided with your entry to vet prior to publication. Please carefully check that the entry is accurate and does not misrepresent your property in any way. The publishers accept no responsibility for an entry having the wrong information once you have approved it. Any changes may be subsequently requested by you. Edits can be sent directly to us - we appreciate that there will be occasions where sometimes you need to make a change to your entry. The Publisher will also be happy to update photos at a later date - replacing photos with a brighter set of better quality.

The Publisher does not permit links in HTML or text, to other accommodation websites. The Publisher does not permit the publication of telephone numbers in entries. These make it impossible to track the source of any enquiry.

The Publisher will do their best to make the website available 24 hours a day. They are not responsible for occasional downtime of the site.

The Publisher has the right to include other advertising on the website of their choosing. The Publisher also has the right to change the site's appearance and layout any time.

You, the advertiser, are free to place your property with other advertisers on the internet or through any other media. You are free to advertise your property with a letting agent too.

Scams on the internet are widespread and advertisers need to be aware of them. The most most common kind of hoax is an enquiry where someone (often in slightly odd English) offers to rent the property for a substantial period of time paying above the rental rates.

If you are suspicious, ignore any enquiry - all websites are targets for these annoying scams and we can't do anything other than reccommend our advertisers to be alert.

When you book a property through whichcottage.co.uk you can

1) Contact property owners directly by following the MAKE YOUR ENQUIRY NOW button published with cottage details.

2) Book a selection of properties directly online through an affiliate partner - a booking fee is displayed before you press the BOOK NOW button. In this instance the link will go to https://www.chooseacottage.co.uk/shc/ domian owned by Wyndham Vacation Rentals (UK) Ltd. this is an 'affiliate link' - meaning that we may receive commission from the accommodation providers at no cost to the buyer.